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Fairware Wins 'Top Performer' Award from SourceForge

Updated: Apr 10

Users chose Fairware as Best-in-Class among 90,000 products!

Fairware is proud to win the Winter 2024 Top Performer Award from SourceForge, the world's largest software reviews and comparison website with 20 million users every month.

“It's an honour to be recognised as a leading product among 90,000 softwares on SourceForge. This prestigious title is awarded to exceptional companies that place in the top 10% of highly-reviewed products - demonstrating the utmost quality we deliver to our customers. Big thank you to our team and most importantly, to our customers and SourceForge for this nod—it's a huge motivator for all of us," said Eric Kang, CEO of Fairware.

Fairware has an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 in SourceForge on categories ‘Overall’, ‘Ease of Use’, ‘Features’, ‘Design’, and ‘Support’.

Take a look at what one of our users had to say about Fairware!

We do our best to make software more productive, and we’re always happy to read how we make our users work more efficient. If you’re a current Fairware user, we’d love for you to leave us a SourceForge review:

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About Fairware

Fairware is a game-changer in the realm of software access, delivering seamless and efficient solutions to users across diverse industries.

By offering the latest software versions and alleviating administrative burdens, Fairware sets a new standard for software streaming. Whether you’re a professional designer, engineer, or a FX artist, Fairware empowers users to unlock their full potential with unparalleled convenience and reliability.

By freeing users from tedious and mundane software administration and empowering users to use their software anytime, anywhere, and from any device, users can significantly increase their productivity and focussing on using the software.

About SourceForge is the world’s largest software comparison directory, serving nearly 20 million users every month and featuring user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more.

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