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Fairware Glows at 2024 Business Awards UK with Technology for Software Application Delivery

Best Emerging Technology Implementation

Outstanding Tech Startup

In a remarkable testament to our commitment to innovation, Fairware has emerged with prestigious award at the 2024 Business Awards UK. We are thrilled to announce Fairware as the winner of the Best Emerging Technology Implementation award, alongside as a finalist in the Outstanding Technology Startup in the Information Technology category.

The Business Awards UK, widely recognised for commending notable achievements within the business sector, has praised our relentless drive to redefine software application delivery through our innovative fully-managed software streaming platform, making software more productive to users. Visit for complete details of the award results.

Winning the Best Emerging Technology Implementation award is more than just a trophy in our cabinet - it's a recognition of our unyielding dedication to fix the inherent inefficiencies in the software ecosystems. Our innovative software streaming service, which serves up immediate access to software applications on any HTML-5 compatible cloud browser, blew away the competition. By eliminating the complex processes of installations, downloads and updates, we've make software F.A.I.R - Flexible, Accessible, Instant, and Reduce wastefulness typically prevalent in the software industry - time, hardware wastefulness and e-waste. The recognition only amplifies our commitment to our cause and encourages us to further accelerate our services.

But, that's not all. Our 4-month old software platform has also earned a commendable second place in the Outstanding Technology Startup category. This accolade marvels at Fairware's exceptional contribution in transforming the landscape of software application delivery.

Securing a name as a successful and award-winning tech startup is no walk. in the park - it demands an audacious vision, a relentless drive for innovation, and a team that can breathe life into visions. Our ascent to these prestigious positions highlights Fairware's steadfast dedication to fulfil its vision - making software more productive and barrier-free, streamlined for users across the globe.

An enormous thanks goes to the dedicated Fairware team. Their relentless pursuits fuel our drive towards staggering innovation and customer satisfaction. We also extend our deepest gratitude to our users whose unwavering trust kindles our aspiration to innovate, improve, and excel in our software application delivery efforts. Without them, we wouldn't have rated a perfect 5 out of 5 on reputable and trusted software review sites, such as G2, SourceForge and Slashdot.

We remain poised and focused on the broader picture. We are determined to keep evolving, refining, and leading the software streaming revolution as we emanate a more empowered technology landscape.

These major achievements reiterate our dedication to excellence and enrich our resolve to revolutionise the realm of software access. As the celebration continues, keep your eyes on us - because, at Fairware, the best is perpetually yet to come!

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