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Fairware is the future of flexible working

We believe software should be flexible with the way you work.

  1. We don’t believe in tying down users with a single computer. 

  2. Every user should have the freedom and flexibility to determine what, when and how to use software.

  3. Our pay-as-you-go model lets you access your software without machine, down to hourly rate.


We believe in making software accessible to everyone.

  1. Our product is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, via a webpage. 

  2. This means you don’t have to worry about software’s system requirements.

  3. Anyone who has internet access can access our product -  securely and easily.


Fairware makes software more accessible
We believe in making existing software more productive.
We’re building the FAIR way to use software the way it should — Flexible, Accessible, Instant, and Reduce. 

Our mission

Fairware is Flexible
Fairware is accesible anywhere
Instantly stream software with Fairware
Fairware reduce waste
Use Fairware - Fully managed software streaming platform

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. So is software. We use software to do things faster and make us more efficient.

But software has become more complicated, wasteful, harder to manage and maintain.

Old-fashioned software needs to be downloaded, works only on one machine and the machine where it hosts needs to meet the systems requirements. With new version release happening often, the whole process needs to be repeated from time to time. Things get more complicated if you need to use more software.

​That’s where we come in.

It's about time

When you use a software, you expect to just use it – without worrying about your device’s compatibility, the software version, and so on.

These days, time is money. There’s no reason to expect you to manage and maintain these software – adding stress and at the expense of your precious time.

So we’re using a new method to make software access as easy as possible, as secure as possible, and as flexible as possible.

Our mission is to make software without hassle, accessible everywhere, from any device, for everyone.

A better way to use software across devices

Software admin is such a hassle


The FAIR principle we believe

about using software

Software access is instant

Current software is slooow. No one should have to wait around to use their software.

  1. No more checking software and hardware system requirements.

  2. No more downloading and installing to your machine.

  3. You can load and use our software within 2 mins, about the same time you make a coffee or cook an instant noodles.


We believe in reducing wastefulness  

  1. We reduce hardware wastefulness by introducing PAYG pricing.

  2. We reduce time wastefulness by managing software for you and consolidate all your software billing under one platform, freeing you to do what really matters.

  3. We reduce e-waste by minimising the need to constantly upgrade your hardware to match software system’s requirements.


Fairware reduces e-waste
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