About Us

We are redefining software mobility

The software systems we have now are not built for adaptability, agility and flexibility - three vital skills for businesses and employees. More often, users are tied down to subscription, greatly reducing software mobility.

That is why we are now building a new one. 

  1. It should be fair

  2. It should be convenient

  3. It should be secure

We make this possible through our unique cloud technology. With us, users will finally gain true mobility. 

What's in our name?

Fairware is made up of 8 letters, with each letter represents one core value.


Treat everyone fairly the way you want to be treated


Putting human element in technology


Innovativeness is never a process, it's a mindset


Rapidly identify, test and accelerate competency of new skills


Willingness builds experience and creativity


Identify and commercialise unarticulated customer needs


High regard to each other and everyone whom we do business with


Sharing computing resources reduce carbon footprint

Image by Daoudi Aissa

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