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Fairware - A Beacon of Computing Innovations Shortlisted at Business Award UK

Updated: May 8

Fairware shortlisted for Business Awards UK

We are delighted to announce that Fairware has been shortlisted for "Outstanding Tech Startup" and "Best Emerging Tech Implementation".

Read the full press release below


We are thrilled to announce that Fairware, our groundbreaking fully managed software platform service, has been shortlisted for not just one, but two prestigious awards by Business Award UK in the IT Awards category. These nominations come as an affirmation of our pioneering efforts in the realm of computing innovations and the powerful technology that drives our platform.

Firstly, Fairware has been nominated for the Outstanding Tech Startup award. This recognition pays tribute to our commitment to revolutionizing the way users access and interact with software. As a startup, we have challenged the status quo by introducing a software streaming solution that not only grants immediate access to applications but also eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades and cumbersome installations, addressing some of the longstanding pain points for businesses and individual users alike.

Our fully managed software streaming service is designed to seamlessly deliver software applications to HTML5-compatible web browsers, thereby bypassing the need for extra plugins or specific device constraints. Users have the flexibility to stream applications across devices and operating systems, reaping the benefits of instantaneous accessibility, multi-platform compatibility, enhanced security, and an always up-to-date software environment.

The second nomination Fairware has scooped is for Best Emerging Technology Implementation. This award category focuses on companies that have successfully harnessed emerging technology to transform their operations and bring about impactful change. Our Pay-As-You-Go software streaming model, backed by extensive computing innovations, is the cornerstone of Fairware's nomination in this category.

Despite being a newcomer in the tech scene, our revolutionary service has already begun to reshape the software usage landscape and prepare it for the future. With computing innovations at its core, Fairware has managed to eliminate the barriers around software accessibility and offer a user-centric and secure platform where software can be run whenever and wherever needed.

These recognitions have motivated us to further enhance our service and bring about more technological innovations that can simplify and refine the way we use software. As we eagerly look forward to the Business Award UK ceremony, we want to extend our utmost gratitude to our diligent team, our supportive partners, and our loyal customers, who are the real drivers behind these nominations.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Fairware family! To access and experience our award-nominated software streaming services, visit Together, let's shape the future of software access and consumption.

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