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On-demand software, all on one platform

Because software should be flexible with the way you work

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Subscription - The only 'choice'

By 2023, 86% of software providers will only offer subscription-based software*.

This means that subscription is the only way forward - locking in users, even if users only run software for a short time, or use it infrequently.


*Statista 2019

ROI or Return on Investment. word ROI wo

Flaws in the subscription model

Annual subscription costs have gone up - way up.

In 2018, companies spent an average of $2,884 per employee on SaaS subscriptions*. 

However, with 71% of companies have at least one subscription with no billing owner*, and users at most only use software 25% of their time, this means that customers are not getting appropriate return for their subscriptions.

*2019 Annual Saas Trends Report

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Time for a change

Coupled with the rise of mobile workers, it is more critical than ever to have a more flexible and better system for both the software vendors and customers.

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Fairware Is The Choice

Fairware provides users with flexibility, convenience and simplicity.

From one single account, users can:

  • Run various software available in the catalog,

  • Choose monthly software hours you need, and

  • Access your bill and monitor your usage

Why Us

Instant Software

Access selections of software anywhere at any time from one web browser. Choose and launch software in minutes on Fairware.


Unlike typical subscription model, you decide how many software hours you need monthly. If needed, users can buy extra hours at a small surcharge. No more paying in full and no more under utilised software.


Being agile is now more critical than ever. At Fairware, you can quickly find, learn and use software that suits you best. You can also cancel anytime - without any penalty. Finally, an agile platform made for you.


Tired of managing multiple software subscriptions? Worry no more! Thanks to Fairware, you can now easily choose and use software, track your usage, and pay your bill – all from a single account.


Fairware is developed with security in mind. We keep your account secure with features such as single sign-on, data encryption at rest and in transit, system monitoring and reporting, and more.

More than just software

We encourage close collaboration between providers and users to get the most out of Fairware. This includes selected users participating and getting paid during beta testing.

How Fairware Works

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Step 1

Login to your Fairware account 

Step 2

Discover wide range of software

Step 3
Pick and pay software of your choice

Step 4

Launch and use the software you chose

How can we help?

If you are interested to know more, please contact us.

71-75 Shelton St, West End, London WC2H 9JQ, UK

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