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Make your software
more productive

Zero admin. Any device. Just use

Our award-winning solution makes
your software more productive

Rated 5 stars from users

Use anytime you want, wherever and whenever you need. Bring-Your-Own-License and access your software without being tied to a specific device.

Total design freedom

Key Benefits

Downloading, managing and maintaining software are time consuming and stressful. Leave all the software management to us, run the latest software in the web browser, stress free.

Simplifying the complex

With pay-as-you-go model, you are only charged the number of days you use the streaming platform. It's great for those who need occasional access.

Great value for occasional use

Fairware is as easy as 123

Get access in 3 easy steps

Decide which plan suits you best and buy on-demand access


Choose your plan

Sign in with your credentials


Login to your account

Bring-Your-Own-License and run your software from a web browser


Use your software

Currently available to stream

Make software simpler

Our mission is to make working life simpler and more productive. That means using software without hassle:  accessing it instantly, without the need to download, manage and maintain the software you are using.

Don't take our words for it.

Read what our customers say

I couldn't imagine one could literally "stream" software applications across devices, but Fairware just made it possible, eliminating the need to actually download these apps, which are bulky and "heavy" on systems resources.

Samuel O

 I love the compatibility on any machine! I used it on a 7-year old laptop and it works just fine just like when I use it on a new workstation! I also love that I don’t have to setup and manage my software as it is now taken care by Fairware.

Julcille A

Fairware’s browser-based access has been a game-changer for me. As someone who’s constantly on the move, being able to run my applications from any device has been incredibly convenient.

Carmen W

The ultimate all-rounder! Everything you need in one place!

Bareeka R

Modern software solution for the future

Markholt H

Fairware: Transforming Software Experience

Muhammad H

Fairware makes my work easier since I now have more freedom to access the software anytime, anywhere, directly from the browser and for the current price, it is definitely worth the investment. 100% recommended.

Edgar Armando G

I like the flexibility of accessing my software from a web browser. I can run my software from any computer, any time, anywhere. 

Mashood A

It is greatly solving major issues we usually face while using similar softwares, it has flexible and affordable pricing plans, it is cost efficient, it has streamlined software administration (great fit for) users who do not want to burden themselves to do any software admin tasks. 

Nimrah R

Fairware has addressed a common pain for many professionals – the need for flexible software access. With Fairware, I can seamlessly transition between devices without worrying about compatibility, lost files and security concerns. This level of convenience has not only streamlined my workflow but also reduced the stress associated with managing software.

Bianchicla B

It manages software streaming service ensures that users can instantly access their software applications from anywhere. it ensures that users always have access to up-to-date features for their softwares.

It provides great ease of installation and integration which is great and loved the most.

Fawad J

With secure and seamless software accessibility now made flexible, Fairware is the ultimate solutions for those who want to access their software from any device, flexibly. I no longer burdened by the menial but necessary to-do software maintenance task, nor do I need to invest in expensive workstations to run these software.

Junaid R

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